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March 2022

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Canon Medical at HIMSS22, ViVE/CHIME Spring Forum, Online Simulation Software, and More

Apache Log4j Security Updates

At the end of 2021, a critical vulnerability was identified in Apache Log4j. This vulnerability is affecting the entire software industry, including some Canon Medical Informatics products.

If you have not done so already, please review Canon Medical’s recommended actions for mitigating this vulnerability.

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Cybersecurity – Zero Trust Architecture

What is Zero Trust Architecture and what does it mean to me?

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is a cybersecurity approach that is being adopted by many heath systems globally to combat ransomware attacks and hacking into healthcare networks and databases.  It takes a new approach that provides added security even after the firewall has been breached by the attacker.

Canon Medical Informatics is designing our Enterprise Imaging system to be able to take full advantage of ZTA and other innovative cybersecurity technology.

While no system is ever 100% safe from motivated attacker, Canon Medical Informatics is building a system that protects sensitive data from encryption (ransomware) and limits access to databases once the firewall has been breached.  ZTA  works in the same way that a cocoon protects life in nature by wrapping its content in multiple layers of protection while hiding or camouflaging the larva, multiple layers are necessary to protect health information.

Read the cybersecurity whitepaper to discover more about the three levels of protection for healthcare data from start to finish.

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Onsite training message.

New! Online Software Simulations*

A virtual “hands-on” learning experience with Vitrea® software, including advanced visualization applications and workflows in our diagnostic viewer.

Help improve training outcomes, stop education gaps, and keep the medical professionals we trust prepared to provide excellent service.

Getting Started

Find out if you already have built-in access to our Online Software Simulation tool. Click here to request access from our Education and Training team. If you’ve already been granted access, click here to use the Simulation tools.

*Available in the U.S. only

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HIMSS & ViVE 2022

Canon Medical exhibited in person at the inaugural ViVE conference/CHIME Spring Forum in Miami, Florida.

At HIMSS22, Canon Medical focused on disrupting healthcare IT norms around interoperability and PACS.

ViVE/CHIME Spring Forum:

The first-ever ViVE conference was held in collaboration with CHIME’s Spring Forum in Miami, Florida. Talk tracks at the conference and forum centered around digital transformation and technology for the innovation of healthcare business.


HIMSS22, held in Orlando, saw an uptick in turnout since the last conference in Las Vegas. The show floor felt alive again during the second in-person conference since the beginning of the pandemic.

Canon Medical showcased moments in history where innovation changed everything and aligned with organizations who are disrupting in their industry. The showcase and presentation provided health IT leaders with ways to lead disruption and innovation in their organizations through enterprise imaging, interoperability, and PACS integration.

If you have questions on how you can start disrupting in your organization with PACS Integration, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Photo of a presentation in the HIMSS booth. Photo of HIMSS 2023 booth. Vive 2022 presentation.


Canon Medical HIMSS 2022 booth.

End-of-Life Notification

Every product release comes with a product lifecycle, and as new software versions are introduced, older versions move into End of Life (EOL).

Effective November 1st, 2022 the EOL policy will apply to all Vitrea® software versions 6.9.2 and earlier as well as all Vitrea Software versions 7.10.2 and earlier.

If you do not know how to find your software version, click here.

For more information on this notification, see our full announcement.


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