CHIMECAST: Leader 2 Leader podcast

Geeking Out, Rallying the Troops, and the Value of Listening

In this CHIMECast Leader to Leader podcast episode, join Russ and Jeff Hendrikse, the Vice President of Enterprise Imaging Product Management at Canon Medical Informatics, Inc. Jeff has devoted his career to creating imaging solutions that transform data into visible results, so clinicians make better diagnoses. He has 25 years of expertise and experience in leading people to improved enterprise imaging development and implementation. At Canon Medical, Jeff is responsible for the company’s global leadership in enterprise imaging by focusing on the key issues in healthcare’s progress to digital transformation.

Tune in to hear from Jeff as he “geeks out” about cool, upcoming “what’s nexts” in the industry; talks about the launch of his career with informatics (accident or good fortune?); shares his personal story about his passion behind his profession; discusses the complexity and connectivity of the delivery of care; and delivers a few nuggets of insight around team engagement, lessons in leadership, and the value of listening to customers.

Originally published through CHIME.