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Canon Medical’s Enterprise Imaging solution not only delivers data liquidity but also provides that data in context, with the clarity clinicians need to stay connected with the ever-evolving patient story.

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Canon Medical’s workflow management tool, founded on our powerful data orchestration engine, makes data fluidity real, flowing information smoothly to clinicians for diagnoses and decisions based on a more complete patient history.

Key Features

  • Automated assignment and prioritization
  • Balanced workloads across physicians
  • One source for interpretation tasks
  • PACS integration for streamlined performance


  • Faster, easy, instant access
  • Improved collaboration
  • Enhanced quality control
  • Greater efficiency through a smart, flexible, and integrated workflow

Realize these benefits for your teams with our workflow management tool.

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Create time-saving tools with our intuitive workflows, enabling productivity for your clinical teams – and beyond. This can create more time for clinician to patient interaction, more confident decisions and a positive impact overall.

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Making a diagnosis or a treatment decision is a complicated process requiring efficiency end-to-end. Any barrier, any misstep along the way, hinders a timely diagnosis and effective treatment.

At the center of a workflow is the worklist rules engine – an app that combines data from various IT systems (RIS, PACS, EMR etc.), analyzes it, prepares it according to the skills and credentials of the reading specialist, and then makes it available to that clinician for reading and interpretation.

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It begins with a patient seeking treatment. It involves a host of clinicians: the referring physician, imaging technicians, nurses, and specialists like radiologists, cardiologists, and others. Images are acquired at a modality. A diagnosis and report are generated. Analysis, collaboration, and communication are essential throughout. It’s a process that relies on technology; on an efficient EI solution. Canon Medical’s workflow will get you to a decision.

Clinical solutions and workflows that meet your organization’s unique requirements.

Our viewers and innovations such as Global Illumination allow the examination and manipulation of images obtained from MRI, CT, CR, DX, RG, RF, US, XA, PET and PET/CT scanners.

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