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Enterprise Imaging with Canon Medical

The journey continues to unification, consolidation, and integration of medical imaging.

Canon Enterprise Imaging

Canon Medical’s EI Solution provides a PACS and VNA, but it goes beyond these to deliver orchestration of data and workflows to help clinicians efficiently address healthcare challenges.

No one vendor has solved every problem. Interoperability across healthcare remains an issue. The ultimate purpose of enterprise imaging is the management and integration of medical images and patient data, including:

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Canon Medical’s solution achieves all this. It helps hospitals unlock, orchestrate, and share vast amounts of meaningful medical imaging data scattered across systems; streamline clinical workflows; and increase efficiency for improved diagnostic accuracy and patient care. Learn how we deliver value through our values and commitments.


Offering an elegant, data neutral, and versatile viewing system that meets the needs of clinicians regardless of their role and skillset.

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Data Orchestration

Connecting clinicians with the ever-evolving patient story using a data neutral archive that incorporates a PACS and VNA.

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Delivering data liquidity and providing that data in context, with the clarity clinicians need to stay connected with the ever-evolving patient story.


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Driven with a commitment to help our customers succeed.

Our commitment is to collaborate with our customers to create strategies and solutions that will help them achieve their goals of clinician empowerment, digital transformation, operational excellence, financial excellence and cybersecurity.


Our commitment is to collaborate with our customers
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