Why Canon Medical?

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Our Values

Data Neutrality

Our data-neutral solution is purpose-built to work with any technology, regardless of origin, and to eliminate imaging data or format barriers to patient care.

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What does neutrality mean?

It means access, integration and seamlessness. It means your imaging vendor cannot exert control over data about your patients that is contained in images and other records created by your providers and your organization. After you move to a data-neutral solution, you’ll never have to pay to free your data from a PACS again.

We are passionate about data neutrality, and we put the principle into practice by building our solutions without proprietary technology that creates siloed data that you cannot access. We know that any hindrance to workflow, any blockage to the flow of information, has serious implications not only for the patient, but also for stress-levels and burdens for the clinical team.

The enterprise-class, scalable solution is based on true zero footprint, web-based architecture. There is nothing to install, and images never reside on the workstation.

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Virtually any image, virtually any format

Our enterprise viewing solution can identify and ingest images from virtually any departmental archiving solution, including JPEGs, BMPs, TIFFs, JPG2000s, MP4s or radiology DICOM files. It also integrates seamlessly with any contemporary vendor-neutral archive (VNA) for healthcare organizations implementing sophisticated consolidated image storage systems.

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Driven with a commitment to help our customers succeed

Our commitment is to collaborate with our customers to create strategies and solutions that will help them achieve their goals of clinician empowerment, digital transformation, operational excellence, financial excellence and cybersecurity.

Our Commitment

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