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Canon Medical offers an elegant, data neutral, and versatile viewing system that meets the needs of clinicians regardless of their role and skillset.

Enterprise imaging viewers intro image of a doctor using Vitrea on an iPad.
Our viewing systems deliver clarity, versatility, and flexibility for every clinical situation.
Doctor viewing diagnostic images on tablet.

Enterprise Viewer

Zero footprint, diagnostic quality, image sharing portal

  • View all patient images and information in one place on mobile devices and PCs
  • Supports DICOM and non-DICOM, full-motion video and report data
  • Select previous exams or reports from the patient timeline and see future scheduled exams
  • Zero footprint deployment requires no application to be installed
  • Import images from outside providers and upload images from mobile phones*
Doctor viewing diagnostic images on laptop.

Diagnostic Viewer

Personalized and contextualized

  • Advanced hanging protocols, including mammography support
  • Full range of 2D and 3D diagnostic tools
  • Patient study browser for historical patient overview and synchronized with image display
  • Intelligent management of relevant priors
  • Support for interrupted workflow and real-time session collaboration
  • Worklist management and reporting tools
Clinician working on imaging.

Advanced Visualization

Sophistication and confidence through 2D, 3D, and 4D solutions

  • Embedded applications with premier tools
  • Multi-modality
  • Powerful clinical workflows and partner applications seamlessly integrated
  • Enhanced workflows provide increased efficiency through consistent user experience and protocols
  • Intuitive user interface: dark color scheme allows for easy viewing


Medical imaging is essential to quality care. But it requires versatility to match the clinical role and how patient images are interpreted.

Visualization must address several clinical challenges, including:

  • Security of patient information
  • The explosion in patient data
  • Adaptability to disciplines and skillsets
  • The right tools at clinicians’ fingertips
  • Efficient workflows that alleviate burnout
  • Customization to individual preferences

Learn about how our visualization solutions can address your organization’s clinical challenges.


Clinical solutions and workflows that meet your organization’s unique requirements.

Our viewers and innovations such as Global Illumination allow the examination and manipulation of images obtained from MRI, CT, CR, DX, RG, RF, US, XA, PET and PET/CT scanners.

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