Why Canon Medical?

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Our Values


Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t come to the table with preconceived guidelines and specifications. We seek to establish trust and openness with our customers as we lead with learning about your organization’s needs.

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What do our customer partnerships look like?

We have tremendous flexibility to create an optimized solution for every customer. Our customer access requirements and specifications process begins with discovery — to better understand your needs and the scope of those needs.

The next step is developing a proposed solution, which involves a cross-functional team encompassing engineering, sales, product development, implementation and solution architecture. We take a broad perspective, based on our knowledge of what is currently available as well as how technology will develop during the timeframe of the implementation.

Our 4-Phase Implementation Model

A partnership mindset manifests through every step of your journey with Canon Medical HIT. This model illustrates our customer-focused approach to implementing your unique solution.


4 Steps to Success | Simple and Seamless

Project Management, Implementation Consulting, and Proven Best Practice

Our customer stakeholders are intimately engaged in further direction and modifying the design and specifications of the solution. We are open and honest about tradeoffs between cost and performance. 

We have resources in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, to engage with clients around the world. And because digital transformation doesn’t stop with implementation, our partnership continues with customer support, training and education, and ongoing professional services, according to your needs and preferences.

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8,456 Customers in 136 Countries Globally

A Trusted Partner

In a 12-month period, Canon Medical received 7,969 customer cases and succeeded in closing 7,947 with:


Cases resolved in 1 day


Cases resolved in 7 days


Cases resolved in 30 days


Support staff call answer rate of less than 30 seconds

Driven with a commitment to help our customers succeed

Our commitment is to collaborate with our customers to create strategies and solutions that will help them achieve their goals of clinician empowerment, digital transformation, operational excellence, financial excellence and cybersecurity.

Our Commitment

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