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When you choose Canon Medical as your partner, you become a member of our family. We’re her for you to answer any questions you may have. here are the ways you can reach us – just pick the option that works best for you.

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Customer Support

Including assistance with software, hardware, troubleshooting, and opening support tickets.


Email: support@mi.medical.canon
Call: +1.952.487.9519

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Product Inquiries

Including questions about our enterprise imaging and advanced visualization solutions.


Call: +1.952.487.9500

Support Contacts

Customer Support

  • Worldwide 
    +1 952.487.9519
  • United States
    +1 800.208.3005
  • Asia 
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa
    General +31 318 583 450
  • Australia* 
    +61 2 7202 0782
  • Austria* 
  • Belgium* 
  • France* 
  • Germany*
  • Ireland*
  • Netherlands*
    +31 318 583 450
  • Russia*
  • Switzerland*
  • United Kingdom*
  • *In-country dialing only


For licensing inquiries, please email us at license@mi.medical.canon.

Coordinated product Vulnerability Reporting

To report a potential security vulnerability or issue with our products, please visit this page.

Data Protection Contacts

Customer Support

FAQ: Get answers to questions we hear most often.

How do I find what version I am using?

To locate your version number, follow the directions listed here.

How can I get an upgrade?

Please contact your account manager for upgrade requests. If you are on an active maintenance contract, software may be included in your existing contract. Please note, there may be additional professional service fees.

How do I access the MyVitrea Customer Portal?

You can access MyVitrea from the top bar on this website, or click here.

What is the most up-to-date end of life information?

For the latest end of life information, access the MyVitrea Customer Portal or visit the product lifecycle page.

Who do I contact if I’m having issues with the software?

Customer support should be able to assist you with any issues. Please visit the MyVitrea Customer Portal to submit a ticket, or email or call us directly. Contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

How can my facility utilize Vitrea® to it’s maximum potential?

Consult your education coordinator to best learn how to maximize Vitrea® for you and your team! Visit our Education Services page to learn how to get connected.

How do I sign up for education classes?

We have plenty of education and training options to fit your needs. Visit our Education Services page to find a class type that works for you and your team.

Can I get a tutorial or is there a free learning academy?

We have a variety of education and training options, including virtual “hands on” learning experience. Visit our Education Services page to find a class type that works for you and your team.

Is Vitrea® compatible with other software at my facility?

To check on the compatibility of current software with Vitrea®, please connect with your account manager.

Canon Medical Healthcare IT Corporate Headquarters

5850 Opus Parkway, Suite 300
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343