Why Canon Medical?

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Our Values


Our solution performs so your people can, across departments, across geography and into the future, focus on what’s important – ensuring rapid and accurate diagnoses for your patients.

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How do you define performance?

Your clinical mission is paramount, and every facet of our enterprise imaging solution supports that. We work as your partner, improving patient care through visualization, image informatics, clinical workflow and orchestration of essential medical imaging data, creating a common, streamlined, system-wide infrastructure. Clinician productivity, efficiency and satisfaction are enhanced with rapid time-to-first-image, remote reading capability and personalized hanging protocols.

But across the enterprise, there are many ways to define performance. No matter your definition of performance, Canon Medical is prepared to accommodate your needs. We pride ourselves on smooth deployments, whether it be high-speed ingestion, the ability to decommission old PACS or supporting your remote radiologists. We provide a long-term ROI and robust customer support.

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Performance is a core value for Canon Medical, whether defined through the lens of patient care, technology and digital transformation, operations and finance, or the day-to-day management of our partnership with you. By managing large data flows, our solution not only improves patient care, it enhances ROI and reduces long-term cost.

Scalability and Performance

The data below was taken from a customer that grew from 30 to 40 hospitals and from 80 to 200+ clinics within four years. Canon Medical accommodated this rapid growth without disruption to service.


Studies interpreted in one week


Studies launched per weekday


Studies in data migration


Consolidated across 30 facilities


Go-lives with radiology and cardiology


Average Time to First Image (TTFI)


Peak data migration rate


Unique users per weekday


Concurrent users per weekday


Concurrent sessions

Driven with a commitment to help our customers succeed

Our commitment is to collaborate with our customers to create strategies and solutions that will help them achieve their goals of clinician empowerment, digital transformation, operational excellence, financial excellence and cybersecurity.

Our Commitment

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